Strategy objectives for the years 2016-2020

ObjectivesIndicator (KPI)2018
Zero fatal accidents among the company's employees and employees of subcontractors operating on the construction site.number of fatal accidents0X (3 fatal accidents on the part of subcontractors occurred)
Lowering the value of the accident frequency index among the Budimex employees.level of the accident frequency index among the Budimex employees<100% of the last year's index valueV
Lowering the value of the accident severity index among the Budimex employeeslevel of the accident frequency index among the Budimex employees<100% of the last year's index valueV


In Budimex, the concern about safety of employees and persons carrying out works on construction sites is the matter of ethics, moral and social responsibility. It is in our interest to take any actions to avoid accidents and reduce health risks. The basis for the Budimex actions is the belief that safety is a common good and we are responsible not only for ourselves, but also for colleagues. Therefore, actions in the field of safety improvement on construction sites are participated by all co-workers of contractors, consortium members, suppliers and individual persons involved in the project implementation.

Compliance with the OHS law is essential. Certified OHS system operate in our Group – in Mostostal Kraków it is PN-N-18001, and in Budimex SA – OHSAS 18001 and PN-N-18001. In 2018, no significant changes occurred in that respect. We feel that the Budimex Group's activities to ensure the highest level of occupational health and safety are beyond the regulations, thus constituting additional and voluntary solutions. "Soft" actions are worth of being continuously improved – raising awareness about hazards, education about good habits and attitudes, as they eliminate the risk of accidents.

In the Budimex Group we have been applying the Occupational Health and Safety Policy for years - from the business perspective it is one of the key policies. Its goal is to ensure safe processes, workplaces free from hazards, compliance with all legal regulations. Additionally, within the framework of the Policy, good practices are implemented in the Group to build a safety culture. The implemented tools allow for the acquisition of knowledge about potential threats and for the accurate identification of risks.

In accordance with the provisions of the Policy in Budimex Group, the following activities are implemented:

  • Legal compliance;
  • Risk assessment and planning;
  • Effective and coherent communication;
  • Training and involvement in educational activities;
  • Allocation of resources within the framework of safety management systems;
  • Occupational safety in the supply chain, where OHS is a criterion for choosing partners and sub-suppliers;
  • Measurement and monitoring of activities;
  • Continuous improvement and implementation of innovations within this scope.

In all companies of the Group, OHS committees operate with participation of representatives of employees and the employer, thanks to which they represent all employees (100%). The committee's task is to conduct OHS inspections, which are held every week on all contracts.1 All the information from inspections and recommendations are stored in one place, providing with easy access and monitoring, if necessary.