OHS and subcontractors

All subcontractors interested in cooperation with the Budimex Group, at the stage of offer submission, must become acquainted with and act according to the "Catalogue of requirements concerning the occupational health and safety, fire protection and environmental protection to be included in the offer", which constitutes the set of rules for work performance on the construction site in accordance with legal regulations, BIOZ Plan and standards applicable in the Group.

For example, already at the stage of planning works, subcontractors are obliged to assess the risk and present specific technical and organisational solutions. The Safe Work Performance Instruction (IBWR) was introduced to predict and eliminate hazards in the workplace where works will be carried out, e.g. at a height or in an excavation. The instruction covers all aspects deciding on safety: technical, organisational and human.

In the next step, employees hired by subcontractors cooperating with the Budimex Group must undergo the OHS training. They are also obliged to wear working clothes, warning vests, protective footwear, helmets and safety glasses. At least two persons should perform every work on the construction site, so that one of them is able to respond, help or call help, if needed. Contractors are obliged to ensure that machinery and technical equipment on the construction site meet the requirements specified in the provisions.

During performance of each contract, the subcontractors are often subjected to inspection and audits. They are meant not only to detect potential hazards but also help the subcontractors with adapting their work to the Budimex Group's OHS standards. We believe that it is in our common interest and in this way we mutually help each other with maintenance of as high OHS quality as possible on performed contracts. In 2018, 49 (4.2%) OHS violations were found for 1,163 suppliers (100%) being subject to initial qualification and 5,329 conducted final assessments. They were all reported and for each violation corrective measures were recommended. A negative assessment in this area may result in terminating cooperation with a given subcontractor. In the Budimex Group there is also the register of accidents at work kept on the side of subcontractors cooperating with us. Their causes and consequences are always thoroughly analysed.