Quality management


The quality of applied construction materials and the accuracy of completion of particular stages of the construction process directly affect the use of the given facility and its safety. Thus, responsibility of the general contractor covers the entire life cycle of the facility - from design, through contracting until its maintenance in use.

The Integrated Management System applies to the Budimex Group, covering, among others, the quality management system according to PN-EN ISO 90001, environmental management system according to PN-EN ISO 14001, OHS management system according to PN-N-18001, and quality assurance system based on requirements of the AQAP 2110 NATO standard.1

There are also valid procedures regulating the performance of quality controls on construction sites and quality management for mineral and asphalt mixes, concrete mixes and aggregates. The procedures include the acquisition and use of a given raw material, at various stages of the construction process. They indicate criteria and methods of obtaining materials, provide with guidelines and actions to be taken if deviations from the standard are found.


Certificates and subsequent accreditations are the result of work of many people involved in providing top quality construction sites, while uniform quality procedures apply to all the Budimex Group's contracts. In 2018, we did not record any incidents which could have resulted in health and life hazards or construction disasters. In the reported period, no fine was imposed on the Budimex Group for non-compliance with the law and regulations concerning the provision and use of products and services. Neither were there cases of non-compliances with all the regulations concerning labelling information on products and services.