Strategy objectives for the years 2016-2020

ObjectivesIndicator (KPI)2018
Zero unverified cases of potential unethical conductNumber of unverified cases of potential unethical conduct0V


We are aware of risks such as giving or accepting material benefits that may occur during the performance of contracts with the value of several dozen or even several hundred million zlotys, where many parties are involved. This threat increases when competition in the industry is high. As part of preventive actions, we regularly update the risk map and monitor them very closely. Moreover, the Budimex Group has implemented: Anti-Corruption Policy and Anti-Monopoly Policy applicable in all companies. They define the list of permitted and prohibited behaviours, as well as procedures for their suspected occurrence. The Integrated Management System introduces the procedure of the “Protection of the Budimex Group's Interests (05-08), which defines a set of rules for dealing with suspected acts or omissions having the nature of abuse or corruption. The procedure includes an instruction titled "Rules of Procedure in the Case of the Proposal of Acceptance of the Financial Advantage and in the Case of Attempted Staff Intimidation" (05-08-02), which specifies the procedures when an employee receives a proposal to accept the financial advantage in exchange for indicated actions or their omission and attempted intimidation. The instruction includes also the "Rules of Participation in Sponsored Events and Other Activities of the Nature of the Conflict of Interest" (05-08-03), regulating the rules of participation in sponsored events and indicating situations that have characteristics of the conflict of interest, accepting or giving gifts.