Strategy objectives for the years 2016-2020

Accomplishment of the strategy objectives for the years 2016-2020:

ObjectivesIndicator (KPI)2018
Effective use of energy and reduction of related emissions.Toe/1 million sales revenue2,93.49 (there occurred a slight increase due to higher use of bituminous mass for road construction than in previous years - by ca. 30%)
Optimum use of raw materials and materials and minimisation of generated waste.Quantity of reused materials / quantity of purchased loose materials1N/A8,62%

A key aspect adversely affecting the local biosphere may be constituted by waste produced during construction. They usually come from demolition and refurbishment works. Their quantity depends on a number of contracts and a level of their progress.

In the Budimex Group, we guarantee that waste is removed with utmost care and the hazardous waste is appropriately disposed of so that they do not pose a threat to people and the environment in the vicinity of the investment. Environmental impact is also exerted by materials imported to the construction site and raw materials applied during works. In order to optimise the transport of materials and thus minimising the carbon footprint of the entire investment, the Budimex Group has a network of its own bituminous mass factories, which, if necessary, may be moved to another location within 5-6 weeks.